The Grandeur of Paris under the Brazilian Sun

payel mukherjee Today, we will help you explore a Brazilian home which epitomises the classy beauty of Parisian design and decor. You will get to relish the elegance of balustrades and mouldings, sweeping stairways and mile high drapes, soothing colours and a play of murals. Ornate furniture and gilded accents will leave you impressed for sure.This Sao Paulo residence – the Projeto Apartamento Classico Parisiense – is a stunning rendition of the French way of décor and design and has been rendered by Monica Spada Durante Arquitetura, architects from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The classic French design style that envelope this abode is nothing less than regal, but not overwhelming. Get ready to be inspired by the union of premium materials, interesting textures, vintage touches and scintillating ideas!

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Projeto e Implantação MSD Arq 2014

Fotos Fausto Fernandes